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Durban Halaal Meats

Durban Halaal Meats is a specialty butchery. We offer prime cut quality meat delivered to your door.Halaal Meats

The business was launched in the year 2012 to serve the entire Durban metropole as well as outlying areas with prime cut meat. We are located in the city of Durban. From here we sell fresh halaal mutton, lamb, beef and chicken to clients wholesale and retail. We also sell halaal processed meat products.

We source our meat from 100% certified halaal South African abattoirs and adhere to the strictest industry standards as far as health, safety and cleanliness are concerned.

We were the first purveyor of meat and meat products in the city of Durban to venture into the e-commerce space. Thus, we promote our business as “SA’s first online halaal butcher.” 

Clients are able to scroll through our entire selection, choose what they want to buy, place their orders and pay for their purchases online.

We then process your order by preparing, packaging and delivering your purchase to your home.

At Durban Halaal Meats we pride ourselves in providing bend-over-backwards service to our customers. Since our business started 100% online, we have been able to invest a lot of our energy and effort in upper-class customer service and the best possible personnel to provide that level of service.

Give us a try and witness first-hand the remarkable difference between walking into a shop to buy your meat and buying it online from Durban Halaal Meats.

People buy meat almost every day. Most of us eat meat almost every day. What sets us apart since we launched Durban Halaal Meats is the fact that our meat products are always fresh. Our meat products are also of a very high standard.  So much so that we get repeat business all the time and our customers refer others to also buy their meat and meat products from Durban Halaal Meats – every day.

We found that many people choose convenience over everything else when they do their shopping. Nobody wants to get in their car, drive to a retail establishment only to queue for what you want. With Durban Halaal Meats buying fresh halaal meat products is as easy as getting on your computer, tablet or your smartphone, ordering your products, paying for it and if you live in a 10km radius, have it delivered to your door.

We are one of Durban’s most innovative new companies, selling fresh high quality halaal meat products online and having it delivered to your door. You can call your order in by telephone or you can order from our online shop.

We are a retailer of fresh, high quality meat products. Customers can buy from us by calling their orders in or buying from us online. We deliver all orders for delivery within a 10km radius from our business premises.

We are also people that work in this business. We also frequent retail establishment and find that we too look for better ways to do things. Shopping is one of those things. We want to give our customers what most retails establishments can’t.



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